Touching Tomorrow Today

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Touching Tomorrow Today

Kids Matter to Jesus…and to Us!
(Mark 10:13-16)

   Touching Tomorrow Today was a spiritual, practical emphasis and vision to provide new educational facilities to house Field Street’s ministries to children, primarily the Sunday School/Bible Fellowship ministry. Simply put, we contend that children are our future, and if we are going to continue to reach children and their families, we must provide new space designed specifically for them.

  The new 31,000 sq. ft. building opened in April 2009. We are thrilled about this modern and improved tool to help us reach kids and their families for Christ and teach the Word of God to children.

  After an intense time of spiritual and practical preparation, the members of Field Street made three-year sacrificial giving commitments (beginning May 2007 and formally concluding May 2010) to help finance the design and construction of the new building. In November 2017, Field Street Baptist Church celebrated the payoff on the indebtedness of the children’s building. To God be the glory!

  More than 50% of Cleburne’s population includes families with children under the age of 18. Then, consider that 61% of our community rates their faith involvement as moderate to none (Percept Data, 2006). Touching Tomorrow Today is one facet of Field Street’s desire to respond to the spiritual darkness of our city. Ministry to children is one of our greatest and most important evangelistic activities. Research reveals that two out of three born-again Christians profess Jesus as their Savior prior to their 18th birthday. Thus, ministry to children is paramount.